i want to ask in your art blog but it seem (for me at least) not working??? idk but... what kind of brushes you use?? them look soo cool for me. thnks! :D


I don’t really use anything special!! I guess this is the main thing I do, basically I’ll use the pen tool, but set it to noise. I just like the effect it has. I also use the marker tool sometimes. I don’t really have specific settings, I’ll play around sometimes, but this is pretty normal for me.

I wish it was more interesting! I’m still learning.  

Reblogging to my art blog, so other people can see it! Sorry about that ask box issue? I don’t think there have been issues before, but please let me know. 

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I’ve done some quick doodles, nothing worth posting though!! I’ve been busy with school and a little sick so, but I’m feeling so like fired up to work on something today!! I’m still alive and def want to get something up this week and break my accidental hiatus ahaha

what do you use to make your art?!?!

Oh, I just use SAI and my tablet! It’s mostly done on the computer. However, there are a couple drawings on my blow and I did using micron pens and copic markers. Which is fun too! I’ll admit I’m a little out of practice though with traditional mediums. 

Can we use your art as icons? They're so perfect!

Yes, of course!! Please go ahead! Thank you so much for asking! 

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